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Space Nugs

$250.00 $230.00

1 Ounce For $230

1/8 Pound For $320

1/4 Pound For $480

1/2 Pound For $860

A Pound  For $1400

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Product Description

Space Nugs is a strong BHO Shatter pressed with kief made with, indoor grown flowers that leave a natural, original flavor in every hit complimented by warm feelings of relaxation and sleepiness. The perfect natural remedy for concentrate-lovers experiencing stress, pain and insomnia.

Space Nugs Original Hybrid is a medical-grade flower that earned its reputation for its heavy-hitting effects and natural flavor, left behind the smoke of every hit. Many flower-lovers enjoy this strain for its strong properties that leave users feeling happy, uplifted and euphoric. A great natural remedy in relieving stress, pain and depression.


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